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Truly Original

Off the Road since 2003, we’re lucky to have her.

From the moment we put this Tornado Red 8V GTI into first gear to begin its journey to re-instatement, it was obvious that all Three previous owners had cared for this exceptionally well. 

A Wolfsburg Car..

Rolling off the Production line from the famous Wolfsburg Factory on the 21st October 1986. The car was delivered to Grimsby, UK, on the 02nd January 1987.

Finished in LY3D Tornado Red, with UQ/Black/Red Interior. Factory options also included – M197 Battery 12v, 45ah, M609 Sports Seats, M560 Steel Sliding Sunroof, M643 Storage Space in Front Doors, M656 Drivers Seat with Height Adjustment. All of which it retains today. Completely standard, and from the Factory original specifications. 

What will strike you is how original it still looks and feels. Nothing has been tampered with or replaced. All wiring looms, Electrical Terminals are factory items. The Fuses, Fuse Box and interior layout is untouched. It even has the original First Aid Kit. Covering some 143,000 miles, it is hard to believe.

A Volkswagen Heritage Certificate has been obtained on behalf of the new owner.

A Truly original Car in such an unmolested state, that is becoming so very hard to find now . She will be missed.

Cared For..

Not to ruin the tradition of the previous owners, we have sensitively, and commercially, ensured that this Mk2 Golf GTI for Sale is fit for the road again. Need not worry about “little jobs to finish”, or a “few things to do”. We’ve done it all.

Just Drive…..

  • All Four Tyres replaced with new German Continetal 185/60 R14H rubber.
  • Front Suspension Top Mounts and Bump Stops
  • Newly Replaced Rear Discs and Pads
  • Major Service, including ; Brake Fluid Flush and replacement, Gearbox Oil Flush and replacement, Water Coolant Flush and replacement, Cam Belt, Alternator Belt, Spark Plugs, Ignition Leads, Distributor Cap & Rotar Arm, Air Filter, Fuel Pressure Test and Compression test (170-175 PSI – very strong engine) , Injector Test. Ignition Timing Re-set.
  • MFA Computer replacement circuit board and bulbs (it all works!)
  • Four Wheel Laser Alignment
  • 12 Month MOT
  • Original Dealer handbooks have survived, but sadly the Service History is missing. We are on the case, but as we type, it is still to be found.

Sensitively does it..

We invested considerable time and effort to ensure any work conducted, was small, and maintained the originality of the car. Small water trapped areas had signs of rot, of which have been professionally fabricated, and restored in house. So much so, we’d likely have to draw your attention to the areas.

The interior had signs of wear, mainly the front two door cards where the membranes had failed and had allowed water to ruin the lower half of the cards. Two days later, we had restored the original Door Cards, replaced the membranes and wax oiled the inner areas of the car for future protection. 

The headlinging had given way so was removed, and restored. All the original Fabric is in excellent condition. 

We treated the exterior of the car to a full bodyshop colour sand. Ranging from P1000, P1500, P2000 and P3000 sanding abrasives. Followed by a two stage colour compounding polish. What a difference. It was a lovely feeling bringing the paintwork back to life, and such a head turner now!

All this said and done, please do not expect a perfect car, as it isn’t. Being original, it has some 35 years of wear. There are minor scratches, and very slight wear to the interior seats and carpet. But, we love it this way! Originality trumps all as far as we’re concerned. And you buying just that, an original car, not a fully restored car.

Now Sold