Pre-Assembly Stage 1

Coachworks Removal

Our Bare Metal Mk2 Golf Restorations are enormously involved. Every component is removed, itemised and stored pending the next process of Media, and Vapour Blasting. Phosphate dipping, Powder Coating and Re-Galvanising.

We Build these vehicles as if they were once again rolling off the Production Line.

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Pre-Assembly Stage 2

Mechanical Removal

Once all Top-side components are removed, itemised and packed, we move on to the Mechanical Stages. The Meat and Bones.

Incredibly involved as all components are stripped and diagnosed as to their fitness for purpose. Ninety Five percent of these components are replaced for new.

Original items that remain, are stripped, and sent for Phosphate Dipping, then Powder Coating and or Reconditioning.

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Phosphate Dipping Stage 3

Dipping Process

Upon completion of stripping the vehicle to its core, the shell is sent for an oven bake using the Pyrolysis method. This heats the shell to a very hot, but even temperature, removing any lasting debris, insulation and dirt from the vehicle.

Once this has been completed, and the shell allowed to cool, it is transferred to the Phosphate Dipping process. Within which, the chemicals neutralise and remove any rust.

The benefit of dipping, is that the solution travels into all chassis sections, A,B and C Pillars, removing all paint and rust in its entirety.

Shell Preparation Stage 4

   Fundamental Beginnings

Once the shell returns from the Phosphate dipping process, we immediately strip the shell back to shiny metal – (not essential, but best practice). These early stages are extremely important, they are, Fundamental. Anything we do to the shell moving forward, is all utilising this stage as its base layer. SO, it’s pretty important we get this right!

Once stripped back, we begin Panel Wiping the shell, the start of the NOVOL for Classic Car System. Upon thorough cleaning, we apply the Temporary Bodywork Primer, which protects the shell from any Airborne moisture for up-to Six months. One only has a mere few days before the shell will begin to rust again.

Now, the fun really begins!

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Fabrication  Stage 5

Structually Sound

In our Fifteen years within the Classic Car Industry, Fabrication is generally an unknown process, as you never really know whats there, until you’re there.

Our pivotal Dipping Stage takes all that uncertainty away, as it reveals everything. Chemicals involved dissolve all the rust – until it’s gone. Leaving all manner of panels, pieces, and areas ready for Fabricating.

Wherever possible we use Genuine New-Old-Stock Vw Panels and repair sections, as the quality difference is noticeable. Where this is not possible, aftermarket repair pieces will be utilised.

One element doesn’t change however, and that is time. It is quite a lengthly stage, as it take a lot of effort to complete professionally.

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