Mk2 Golf Fuel Swirl Pot


Mk2 Golf Fuel Swirl Pot

16v and 8v, Pre 1987 are underway.

16v Post 1987 are underway.

8v Post 1987 TBC.

Please submit your details to the wait list and you will be automatically notified when stock becomes available via email. Our Batch Ordering quantities will be dictated to by the Waitlist numbers, so please only add yourself to the list if you genuinely require one of our Swirl Pots. General updates will be posted on our Social Media Outlets.

Please see Additional Information below.




Mk2 Golf Fuel Swirl Pot

These Swirl Pots have been 3d Scanned, CAD drawn and 3D Printed to the identical design of the Original Equipment. Utilising Carbon filled Material, and Post production additional sealing, we have designed these Swirl Pots with the intention to be as long lasting as the original, and at a sensible Retail Price. Offering us, and owners alike, a solution to the common leakage issues.

It is likely that the first three units sold will be at a reduced amount for testing/reporting purposes.



Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 20 cm

Type 19


16v > 1986 – 1992, 8v > 1984 > 1987, 8v 1987 > 1992

OEM Part Number

165201042A, 191201043

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