Mk2 Golf Mechanical Bolts


Mk2 Golf Mechanical Bolts

We have limited quantities available, but more are underway.

Bolts are supplied in quantities, per vehicle . I.e a Pk of 6, is sufficient for both sides of your Mk2. Singular items are also available noted as Pk of 1.

Each Bolt is referenced on the Product diagram according to your selection so as there is no confusion. These will also be referenced on your packaging.

Rear Axle Bush Bolts, and Front Shock Absorber > Spindle Bolts each come with the respective OEM Nuts.

Please also review the information below.



Mk2 Golf Mechanical Bolts

First point to enforce is that our OEM Bolts are not new. They have been restored. Pitting is evident on most of the bolts, however each has been inspected for Thread Quality and Bolt Integrity. Many did not make the cut! Pitting is left over as a result of the Rust Removal Process. The more rust, the more pitting. Ergo we can say that these Bolts were Rust free before plating, whereas in many cases the Zinc is plated on-top of the Rust. Excessively Pitted and poor quality Thread Bolts were disposed.

More Mk2 Golf Mechanical Bolts are underway in processing. More of the same, and a wider range. It’s a little bit drawn out given how many poor Vw’s needing breaking to achieve the quantities.

Our Bolts have been Phosphate dipped to remove all evidence of Rust (as with our bare metal builds). Then Acid Dipped, followed by Yellow Zinc plating to a thickness of approximately 9 Microns.

The range of Product photographs will give you an indication as to their overall appearance.

We have included a photographic Parts Diagram to help you orientate around the bolts and their locations.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm

Volkswagen – Genuine

Component Part

Front Subframe Bolt Pk2, Centre Subframe Bolt Pk2, Outer Top Crossmember Bolt Pk2, Front Crossmember Bolt Pk2, Rear Crossmember Bolt Pk2, Side Upper Crossmember Bolt Pk2, Ball Joint Bracket Bolt Pk6, Spindle > Ball Joint Bolt Pk2, Front Wishbone Bush Bolt Pk2, Front Shock > Spindle & Nut Pk 4, Rear Axle Bush Bolt & Nut Pk2, Rear Shocker Lower Bolt Pk2, Wing Bolts Pk 10, Wheel Bolt Pk1, Metering Head Bolt Pk1, Metering Head Bolt Lrge Pk1, Cab Door Bolt Pk4, Steering Rack Manual Pk4, Engine Mount Pk3, Rear Axle Support Bracket Bolt PK3, Rear Right OS Engine Mount Bracket Pk1, Rear Bumper Mount Pk4, Right Rear OS Engine Bracket > Block&Mount PK5, Front & Rear Crossmember PK4, Left Rear NS Engine Mount > Subframe PK2, Centre Crossmember Bolt Pk2

OEM Part Number

048133505, 3A0601139, N0195461, N0347784, N10087403, N10127707, N10141701, N10209603, N10257501, N90183603, N90184501, N90258901, N90307901, N90354401, N90484003, N90517302

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