Vw Golf Mk2 Mk3 Steering Racks


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Vw Golf Mk2 Mk3 Steering Racks

The Steering Racks are interchangeable, in so much as whether you have a Mk2, or Mk3, each will accept either Steering Rack. What dictates their further use is the length of the Track Rods, so you would just need to purchase the Rod applicable to your vehicle, and UJ Joint applicable to the Rack.

Genuine Volkswagen Reconditioned Steering Racks

These are stripped bare, and sent for various Reconditioning processes. Whether that be Phosphoric Dipping, Vapour Blasting or Ultrasonic Cleaning. Returned for Build Up and Colour Coating and Zinc Plating where required.

We utilise Genuine VW Reconditioning components, through TRW and ZF.

Steering Racks are Bare, in so much as you will still need to install Track Rods, Boots and the like. These are available separately on our Store (where available through Volkswagen), and are Genuine Volkswagen Components.



Vw Golf Mk2 Mk3 Steering Racks

Original is ideal. They were manufactured following strict Volkswagen Quality guidelines.  Some classic cars enthusiasts call this, “New Old Stock“ or “NOS Parts“ – coming from old stocks and never being used before.

Following on from our discussions with the Wolfsburg Factory, Germany, we are now able to offer Genuine Volkswagen New Old Stock parts. Direct from Volkswagen Classic Parts, our Genuine Vw Repair Parts, ensure a Quality fitment with Volkswagen Quality.

At Type 19 we use Genuine Volkswagen Components wherever possible on all our Vw Mk2 Golf Type19 Restorations.

Initially Genuine Parts may come at a small premium but their high quality and durability ensure they offer the lowest cost over the life of your vehicle and they can contribute to maintaining your Volkswagen’s used market value.

Precision-Engineered And Quality Tested By Volkswagen.

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 70 × 20 × 20 cm

Volkswagen – Genuine

Steering Rack

Mk2 Golf RHD, Mk2 Golf LHD, Mk3 Golf RHD, Mk3 Golf LHD, Mk3 Golf LHD ZF, Mk2 Golf LHD G60

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