Wurth Coach Building Kit


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Wurth Essential Coach Building Kit.

We use Wurth products wherever possible as the quality is superb. Please see the Additional Information below for a full description.

Additional products are also available. These too are utilised by us, and we also consider them paramount.

The application of these products, we deem essential on any Restoration.

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Essential Coach Building Kit :

So you’ve spent Thousands on your Mk2 Golf Restoration, and its now the exciting bit – the build up! Well, your restoration doesn’t stop here.. As Restorers, we know where we need to protect to prevent rust – everywhere. We utilise the following products in all our Mk2 Golf Builds.

Coach Building Kit :

Ultra 2040 – To free up all components pre fitment where required

HHS Clean – To prepare the surfaces and acts as an adhesion for the Grease

HHS Grease – A White sprayable Grease to lubricate all components, such as hinges, Catches, and Latches

CU880 – A Copper Grease to be used on ALL Bolts and Screws being put back on-to the body. This protects the Ironmongery, and prevents the threads from rusting/causing brown water runs.

Cavity Protect – One expects the full can to be used. Utilise this on all apertures, seals, seal returns, clips, latches and catches prior to going back onto the Body. Also to be used in all cavities that will be inaccessible once the build up has been completed. This is an essential product to use.

Plastic Dyer Black – Used on all Black Plastic components before fitting. This, is as it says on the tube – a Dye. For worn bumpers, sills, arch trims, we apply three layers. And then it’s done. No continual topping up to maintain the colour. Back to Black they are!

Additional Products :

ACF50 – Used on any Cast Aluminium that has either been Tank Cleaned, or Blasted. This protects the cleaned surface from all the elements.

High Strength Adhesive Plus – Headlining woos? Gone. This is applicable up-to 110oc. Unlike Trim Fix, your headliner will never fall again! Ideally one would use two cans on a single install. Just one, is a bit of a push.

Schultz Gun Cavity Wax – Can be used on the upper and lower halves of your vehicle. One can required for the inside with hidden apertures etc, at least two cans for the underside. Three total. Nb you need a compressor and Schultz gun to use this. (Could be brushed on to the exposed areas however – but this is intended for all cavities also)

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm




OEM Part Number

0893081, 08930855, 08931061, 08931067, 08932801, 08938001

Entry Level

None, Coach Building Kit

Optional Extras

None, ACF50, Adhesive, Schultz Gun Cavity Wax 1L, ACF50 & Adhesive, ACF50 & Schultz Gun Cavity Wax 1L, ACF50 & Adhesive & Schultz Gun Cavity Wax 1L, Adhesive & Schultz Gun Cavity Wax 1L

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