Pre-Assembly Stage 1

Coachworks Removal

Bringing these Mk2 Type 19 Golfs back to a New Car is intensive, and one must be thorough to achieve a professional finish. 

Each Build is stripped back to bare bones, in readiness for the following stages that awaits it.

Pre-Assembly first begins with the shell top half strip down, or similarly, this may follow the Mechanical removal. All items are assessed and itemised.

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Pre-Assembly Stage 2

Mechanical Removal

Every stage is just as important as the previous. All have a purpose, an assessment, and a documenting of parts/components.

All mechanical and electrical components are removed from the shell, individually stripped and inspected. Almost all components are either Reconditioned, such as Engine and Gearboxes, or replaced for new.

Our aim is to bring these vehicles back to as-new a standard as we can achieve.

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Phosphate Dipping Stage 3

Dipping Process

Upon completion of stripping the vehicle to its core, the shell is sent for an oven bake using the Pyrolysis method. This heats the shell to a very hot, but even temperature, removing any lasting debris, insulation and dirt from the vehicle.

Once this has been completed, and the shell allowed to cool, it is transferred to the Phosphate Dipping process. Within which, the chemicals neutralise and remove any rust.

The benefit of dipping, is that the solution travels into all chassis sections, A,B and C Pillars, removing all paint and rust in its entirety.

Shell Preparation Stage 4

   Fundamental Beginnings

Fundamental couldnt be more accurate. We cannot stress the importance of beginning a build with solid foundations. Just like a new house, everything depends upon your initial stages. 

NOVOL for Classic Car System comes into force once the shell has been Wire Brushed and compound finished back to shiny metal. This is always a long day for us, as once the metal is stripped to its core, it immediately wants to rust! We need to keep progression at the forefront so as not to jeopardise the hard work.

As soon as the shell is ready, a full clean and application of the NOVOL Bodywork Primer is applied. This allows us up-to Six Months of working time before either re-application, or secondary rust prevention with the NOVOL Epoxy system.

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