‘Type 19’ Mk2 Golfs, known as such owing to the pre-designated #19 prefix on all their Chassis numbers, made its debut onto the European Market in March 1984 ( 1985 in the USA), and continued until August 1987 when things started to change..! Our Factory Builds are produced, and restored retaining all the original elements from this time period. From OEM Product stickers, to the Engines, we replace, and or restore, everything.


Predictably, our Factory Builds are that of the Golf GTI Models. Both three, and five door variants. The former being the most popular of choice. We do also undertake Bare Metal Factory Restorations on behalf of Clients. Please enquire.


Preservation and Heritage. All our Factory Builds come accompanied with their Volkswagen Heritage Certificate.

We build each model specifically to the Factory specifications at the time of its birth. And why would we not, surely a Factory Build is just that?!

We utilise components and OEM replacement parts wherever possible, retaining its quality.


The Classic looks of the Type 19 Mk2, brought with it many similarities of it’s Mk1 predecessor. Notable differences being in its appearance.

Front Quarterlight Windows on the front doors, Small Bumpers, LHD Wiper locations, Seven Slat Front Grill, different, if not simpler, exterior badging.

Mechanical Digifant Engines, side trim graphics – on earlier models – moving to thin plastic side trims. Mk1 Golf Handbrake levers! The list goes on..

But, you already know all this dont you!


Coming off our very own Production line, as they once did in Germany, the vast majority of the Mechanical components are replaced for new*.

Our Engines and Gearboxes are reconditioned by time served specialists in our field. They are also treated to a Vapour Blast, to bring their appearance back to life. 


Alpine White, Jade Green, Black, Mars Red, Helious Blue, Atlas Grey, Diamond Silver. We love them all.

NOVOL products are used throughout each of our Mk2 Golf Restorations. The only true Classic Car Scheme on the market today. Their Clear Coat is superior, and will provide a high, long lasting shine and colour depth to your build.

* Where new items can not be purchased, or are not cost viable, the OEM parts will be reconditioned.

Factory Builds from Type 19

Complete Bare Metal 360 degree Restorations on every Factory Build. Without Exception.

We utilise genuine GTI Type 19 vehicles from our Classic Car buyers, conduct their restorations, and advertise for sale upon completion.