Type 19 Factory Restoration

Factory Builds

Our Passion stems from the iconic, original models of the early ‘Type 19’ Mk2 Golf, and thus offer our factory builds for consideration.

Type 19 Mk2 Golf

Modern Builds

We do, however, also enjoy luxury and performance, which is why we have launched our modern-day MK2 Golf build. Powered by the Golf R 32 engine and six speed O2 M gearbox.

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NOVOL Classic Car System

Quality is at the forefront of our VW MK2 Golf Restoration business, which is why all our Builds commence their journey from a Bare Metal state. No exceptions.

Utilising NOVOL for Classic Car processes, and NOVOL Spectral products , coupled with our 360° rotisserie restorations, not to mention our 15 year experience in Restoring classic vehicles, we trust you will be nothing other than entirely satisfied with our workmanship.

Mk2 Golf 4 Wheel Drive

New for 2020, is our ongoing research and development of the Haldex All-wheel-drive, and Syncro Four-wheel-drive conversions. These conversions will soon be an option on any of our Bare Metal Restorations conducted with us.

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