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Commencing from Bare Metal beginnings as with all our restorations, our R32 Build has been deep in thought for some time. The 3.2 V6 Engine and 02M 6 Speed Gearbox aside, we have utilised components originally designed for the Mk2 Golf – as VW intended., with some Modern twists.

some BBS Bling

A sense of style accompanies performance. The highly regarded BBS RM Alloy wheels come as standard.

Heated Windscreen 

A clean appearance to the standard Heated Front Windscreen, is the slick Single Wiper Conversion.

Type 19 Golfs retain the LHD Wiper mounting positions, assuring that the Single Wiper sweep retains its original pattern.


Lay Flat rear wiper is a must, right?

Stainless Exhaust System

Utilising several key areas of performance to allow the 3.2 V6 engine to breath up-to its full potential. ECU Re-Map and Tracksl*g Stainless Steel 2.5″ Quiet Pack full Exhaust system to boot.

ABS & 280mm Brakes

More Engine Performance must be followed by more Braking Power. Our full G60 280mm Braking system, with factory ABS and Nickel lines, ensures that when you need to stop this train, you will do so. And quickly!

Stainless Coilovers

Anticipating those amongst us will use the full width of the road whilst driving their R32 powered Mk2, our Builds come with High Quality ‘OEM’ appearance Stainless Coilovers – cornering with ease! Also as standard!

Cruise Control

“I’ll never use Cruise Control”, well, we beg to differ. We have designed our Modern R32 Builds to be daily drivers, and we hope to see many a Type 19 built R32 on the motorway.. With Cruise control functioning of course! Drive-by-Cable installed to allow for this feature.

Re-engineered components

Re-engineered cross members, and wishbones from our Fab Engineering friends in Canada, allow us to retain the original stance and appearance.

revised Crossmember

We leave little untouched with our Builds. All mechanical components are replaced for new, and or uprated as to their modern equivalent. All understated of course!

performance wishbones

Our Re-engineered components allow drivers to get the power down when they need it. Strengthened and lightened for maximum performance and weight savings.

Now is the time to modernise.

Modern R32 Builds from Type 19

We utilise early Mk2 Type 19 Golf donor vehicles to commence the Modern Build from our Classic Car contacts. Both RHD and LHD are available, please enquire.

We also offer this build for Clients wishing to conduct their Bare Metal restoration with us.

Bare Metal Beginnings

Entire shell stripped in its entirety, undergoing a three stage Phosphate Acid Dipping Process. Standard on all our Bare Metal Builds.

Full Mechanical Replacement

Mechanical components replaced for new or Reconditoned

NOVOL Classic Car Processes

The only Professional Classic Car Scheme on the market today

Modern Engineering & Features

Modern comforts, Modern drivability